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EB Cravens


Frequently Occurring Pet Bird Accidents and how to Evade One

EB Cravens

Unexpected and sudden accidents are a major cause of avian loss in household pets.

Focus on Catching and Transporting of Parrots

EB Cravens

Preparation for catching and transporting psittacines takes a little planning to anticipate and meet all the birds' needs.

Dealing with Feather Picking

EB Cravens

Recognizing the signs of destructive feather picking, and suggestions for handling it.

Dangers of Stunting in Handfed Psittacines

EB Cravens

The accepted practice of handfeeding parrot chicks in order to make them into social pets has a sobering down side to it.

Natural Environmental Enhancement for Your Captive Birds

EB Cravens

The search for ways to provide the optimum natural environment for captive psittacines is an ongoing endeavour.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Parrot

EB Cravens

Questions to think about before adding a parrot to your life, or when considering your next hookbill addition.

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