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Health & Nutrition


Views on Pelleted Food Diets

EB Cravens

Why relying on pelleted foods alone will not sustain your parrot's health.

Views on Mineral Grit for Parrots

EB Cravens

A compelling look at the many purposes grit serves in the avian diet.

Toenail Tips for Parrot Keepers

EB Cravens

The question of how and when to clip a captive hookbill's toenails pose a particular dilemma for the natural birdkeeper.

Salmonellosis - A Hidden Danger

World Parrot Trust

Find out how you can prevent this serious infection from affecting your avian and human families.

Psittacosis - A Serious Illness in Parrots and Humans

World Parrot Trust

Information about this serious illness and what you can do to prevent it.

Mycobacteriosis - Avian and Human Tuberculosis

World Parrot Trust

A multifaceted set of disorders troublesome enough to warrant attention from both the veterinary and human medical communities.

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