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Travel & Art


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Animode Nature Photography

Independent photographers for ten years, Christine and Franck Dziubak have a passion for animals, nature and travelling. They like to observe fauna and flora, to study the behaviors of the species and to photograph them. They dedicate themselves to the realization of wildlife studies in Central America, and are fascinated by the tropical forest and the wealth of this biodiversity.

California Parrots - Mike Bowles and Loretta Erickson

Mike's interest in birds has spanned decades beginning at the age of 10, when he began feeding a pair of pigeons in his backyard. Mike became interested in photography as a means to capture subjects for his paintings. With his love for birds, it seemed only natural to focus his lens toward the sky where he had spent countless hours enjoying the freedom of his own flock. Niece of Alfred and Elma Milotte -- world famous wildlife and Disney photographers -- Loretta acquired her love of nature at a very early age. With Uncle Al's patient introduction, she was given the opportunity to develop her interest and appreciation of wildlife by exploring the forest covered, mountain top paradise he called home.

Together, Mike and Loretta set out in search of the wild parrots of Southern California. In the midst of their parrot tracking efforts, they became fascinated by the lives of the other birds around them and their interests began to expand. While bird photography in general has became Mike's focus, Loretta's primary interest remains with the wild parrots of Southern California.

Cynthia Kulp - Wildlife Artist

Art and nature have always played an important role in Cynthia Kulp's life; she drew and painted from the first time she can remember. She received her first oil painting set at the age of 7, which began a life-long exploration and passion for painting. While attending Rhode Island School of Design, she diligently studied color theory and animal anatomy at RISD's famous Nature Lab.

At that time, Cynthia discovered a new obsession: parrots. She eagerly devoured information and became acquainted with several bird breeders in the area. Cynthia has spent almost 15 years raising and studying parrots. She has written articles for bird related magazines such as Companion Parrot Quarterly and AFA Watchbird in addition to working with many parrot conservation organizations such as WPT, RSCF and CPQ raising money through donated paintings.


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