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World Parrot Trust


Salmonellosis - A Hidden Danger

World Parrot Trust

Find out how you can prevent this serious infection from affecting your avian and human families.

Psittacosis - A Serious Illness in Parrots and Humans

World Parrot Trust

Information about this serious illness and what you can do to prevent it.

Mycobacteriosis - Avian and Human Tuberculosis

World Parrot Trust

A multifaceted set of disorders troublesome enough to warrant attention from both the veterinary and human medical communities.

Keeping Your Parrot Safe During the Holidays

World Parrot Trust

Everyone loves the holidays -- but the holidays aren't always good to companion parrots.

Zoonotic Diseases in Pet Birds

World Parrot Trust

An important list of diseases you and your parrot can catch.

Collibacilosis - A Preventable Illness

World Parrot Trust

The bacterium Escherichia coli is examined, revealing its sometimes dangerous effects in people and parrots.

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