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fighting wildlife trade

The numbers of wild-caught parrots trapped for the international pet trade are decreasing dramatically. And with your help, parrots that are rescued from trappers are increasingly being rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

Recently forestry officials on Ternate Island in Indonesia confiscated a large group of cockatoos and lories and reached out to us for help with funding, bird-care training, and help with building recovery enclosures. The birds are now recovering well, and after a veterinary check and acclimation to their release area, they will be returned to the wild.

With your support we can assist with similar rescue efforts in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Honduras, and Central Africa.

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Restoring and increasing wild populations

With your help we are helping parrots to begin to flourish again in their home ranges.

In Honduras, Scarlet Macaws are being bred in captivity and rescued from trade. These birds are being released to the wilds around Copán Ruinas and surrounding areas, thanks to the efforts of PRO-ALAS and WPT. More than 60 birds have been reintroduced and are starting to breed on their own in the wild. With their populations in the country now beginning to recover it is hoped this species will once again thrive and prosper in Honduras.

We can continue this important work here and in other countries such as Costa Rica, Bonaire and in Bolivia with your support.

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Preserving and replanting forests

Large tracts of forest have been burning out of control in South America this year, attracting international attention and seriously impacting both parrots and people.

To fight these challenges, we work with local communities in Bolivia and elsewhere to provide basic training in forest fire prevention, detection and control, and to help develop reforestation projects. These efforts are vital to the long-term health of human and parrot populations.

Your gifts can help to protect critical wild spaces for parrots and people.

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Inspiring change

Together we are inspiring and engaging people who live among parrots with programs to learn about their lives in the wild and the threats against them.

Through a combination of community involvement and education programs, work with our partner PRO-ALAS in Honduras has successfully inspired local communities to protect native wildlife, especially Scarlet Macaws. Thousands of people, young and old, have learned about the ecology and threats to these macaws through special events and school activities, attracting national and international media attention.

With your help, we can build on this work with more communities in Honduras, and other countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, Bonaire, Indonesia and Costa Rica.

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Funding Critical Research

Understanding the issues impacting wild parrots is crucial to saving them. One species acutely affected by human activities is the Yellow-naped Amazon, which is currently experiencing a rapid population decline.

Three subspecies have been identified within the Yellow-naped species, and it is important to understand how genetically distinct they are from each other. Understanding these variations helps to direct future conservation efforts for these and other parrots like them.

Your gift helps us to fill in these critical knowledge gaps so we can ensure that each species gets the proper protection it needs.

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Protecting wild nests

Building robust wild populations begins at home, and for parrots that means giving them every chance to successfully raise their young.

Our work with in-country partners ensures that there’s protection for chicks from poachers and predators, nest boxes brought in to provide more places for pairs to breed, and cameras to monitor nesting activity and deter trappers. In Bolivia, dozens of artificial nest boxes have been installed for Blue-throated Macaws, and Hyacinth Macaws have had a record number of chicks fledge successfully from protected nests.

With your backing we can continue to help bolster breeding efforts and boost wild populations, here and in other countries where parrots are found.

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Your gift of hope can...

  • Protect parrots from the wildlife trade;
  • Restore parrots to their native ranges;
  • Preserve critical ecosystems;
  • Engage communities in local conservation;
  • Fund research to drive conservation priorities;
  • Improve chick survival rates by safeguarding nests; and more as the need arises.

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