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    Fight Wildlife Trade

    Trapping for the bird trade has decimated many wild parrot species. Our teams are studying and documenting parrot trafficking around the globe, using new tools such as social media to effectively infiltrate the illegal trade in wild-caught parrots and help authorities stop it. WPT is providing supplies, training and veterinary care to sanctuary staff to help care for confiscated parrots across Indonesia, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and central Africa.

    Your support will ensure we can continue efforts to end this destructive trade.

    • Wildlife care staff treat a Timneh Parrot in Sierra Leone © Rowan Martin

    • Grey Parrot exercises in a pre-release flight in Angola © Rowan Martin

    • In Indonesia, smuggled Eclectus Parrots await rescue from pipes © Mehd Halaouate

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    Protect & Restore Critical Habitat

    Without a place to live, wild parrots cannot survive. Your support for WPT is helping — in partnership with Bolivian authorities and communities — to conserve the massive 1.5 million acre Gran Mojos reserve for Blue-throated Macaws. Your funding also supports the planting of thousands of native trees to benefit the Yellow-shouldered Amazon on the small island of Bonaire.

    Your generosity will help to expand and protect habitat for parrots in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    • A Yellow-shouldered Amazon forages in the forests of Bonaire © Echo

    • A scouting group plants native trees in Bonaire © Echo

    • Tract of land in the protected reserve area of Bolivia © CLB

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    Support Community Awareness

    Thinking globally begins with acting locally. Your backing is helping the Nature Conservation Agency of Indonesia (BKSDA) succeed in getting former poachers to protect the Critically Endangered Yellow-crested Cockatoo. Your funding also goes a long way in supporting other community education programs in Mexico, Costa Rica, Bonaire, Bolivia, Brazil and Central Africa.

    With your help, we can continue to reach out to communities where people and parrots live.

    • Local communities take part in protecting native cockatoos © Oka Dwi Prihatmoko

    • School children take joy in learning about cockatoos © Oka Dwi Prihatmoko

    • An excited Yellow-crested Cockatoo displays © Mehd Halaouate

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    Aid Parrots in Need

    Wild parrots are often threatened by natural disasters and conflict with humans. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, hundreds of concerned parrot lovers like you provided support to the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources to rebuild their breeding and release facilities for the Puerto Rican Amazon Project. WPT brought to the hard-hit island much-needed climbing equipment (and training), cameras to monitor wild nests, and power generators to run emergency incubators and brooders to nurse chicks.

    With your support, we are ready to take action for parrots when and where it is most needed.

    • A Puerto Rican Amazon chick thrives after Hurricane Maria © Tanya Martinez

    • Project staff climb trees to replace artificial nest boxes © Tanya Martinez

    • A chick peers out from its nest cavity © Tanya Martinez

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    Improve Parrot Care

    Companion birds suffer when they don't have proper care. Last year, WPT led an urgent operation in the United Kingdom to rescue over 170 large macaws and parrots being kept in deteriorating conditions. An expansive new facility, the Kiwa Centre, was constructed to house the birds while they regained their health and quality of life. Twenty Red-and-green Macaws in the group have now recovered and will soon find their way back to their native range in Argentina. Elsewhere, WPT is encouraging better parrot care by publishing our online and print publications which reach tens of thousands of caregivers every month.

    Parrot welfare is gradually improving, and your backing makes a difference.

    • Rescued macaws forage on fresh browse at the Kiwa Centre © Alison Hales

    • Blue-and-yellow Macaws cavort in the large aviaries © Alison Hales

    • The macaws now have ample space to fly and interact © Alison Hales

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    Return Parrots to the Wild

    Parrots are disappearing in many parts of their native ranges, leaving habitats silent and empty. As part of an ongoing effort, WPT works with in-country partners to health-check and prepare parrots for release back into the wild. One collaborator, Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Reserve, has reintroduced Scarlet Macaws and other parrots to the Copán Archaeological Ruins and surrounding areas. Off the coast of Honduras, Red-lored Amazons are being released onto some of the Bay Islands where they haven’t lived for decades. Similar efforts are underway in Brazil, Bolivia, Central Africa, and Indonesia.

    With your help, more parrots can be returned to the wild.

    • A released Red-lored Amazon examines a potential nest cavity © JD Gilardi

    • Scarlet Macaws interact in the wild © Corey Raffel

    • Macaws fly free at the ancient Copán ruins © Macaw Mountain

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    Conduct Vital Research

    Understanding how parrots live in the wild and how human activity affects them is essential to making the best conservation decisions. Recent surveys for Grey Parrots in Nigeria have started building a picture of the status and threats to the species, identifying several areas where illegal trapping occurs, and highlighting the potential importance of plantations for protecting roost and breeding sites. The first scientific studies of breeding behaviour and diet have been done with Timneh Parrots, and at least one significant new wild population has been found in Sierra Leone.

    Because of your generosity, critical research like this is directing parrot conservation efforts around the world.

    • A wild Timneh Parrot calls to its companions in Guinea-Bissau © Rowan Martin

    • Exploring nest areas in Angola © Rowan Martin

    • Conducting field surveys in Sierra Leone © Rowan Martin

  • World Parrot Trust has been and continues to change the lives of these beautiful creatures. I look forward to the updates on the various projects and the wonderful job WPT is doing in all parts of the world. - Kathy Bruno
  • Out of all the worthy endeavors to support, claiming habitat and security for parrots is one of the best! Protecting parrots means protecting wildlife all over the world. - Phoebe Green Linden
  • This is a solid organization that I have been a member of for many years. They have had a tremendous impact with minimal resources. - Jeff Antok
  • Parrots are such beautiful, intelligent creatures. We have to protect their habitat from destruction and save them from poachers. It's up to each and every one of us! - Diane O'Niell
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    You’ve come through for parrots in a big way! We couldn’t be more grateful - our heartfelt thank you to everyone! Your generosity will empower us to take action protecting wild parrots from trade, supporting critical habitat restoration and protection, raising awareness, and so much more.

    It’s a great start, but there's still much to do. If you've already donated, we thank you! If not, we hope you’ll consider giving today.

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