Parrots of the Wild

Parrots of the Wild:

A Natural History of the World's Most Captivating Birds

If you are fascinated with parrots, you will love this book! For biologists, zookeepers, and anyone working with and researching parrots Parrots of the Wild brings together scientific exploration with features of interest to parrot enthusiasts, all in a conversational tone to inform and delight a broad audience. It’s hard to imagine anyone reading this volume and not marveling at all of the intricate aspects of these birds - this book succeeds in cultivating a deeper appreciation for their seemingly infinite complexity.

Parrots of the Wild

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This book draws knowledge from the authors’ own research and from their exhaustive review of more than 2,400 published scientific studies. Included are a variety of illustrations, featuring nearly ninety colour photos of wild parrots seen interacting with, and in, their natural surroundings.

The text ably covers evolutionary history of parrots, cognitive abilities, diet and foraging patterns, and mating and social behaviour. The authors also focus on conservation status in the wild and how different species are adjusting to man-made changes to their environment.


Hardcover: 346 pages
ISBN: 9780520239258
Publisher: University of California Press
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 7 x 1 x 10 inches

Editorial Reviews

  • “ Parrots of the Wild is an exhaustive compendium of information about parrots, from their evolutionary history to their behavior to present-day conservation issues. A must-have for anyone interested in these amazing creatures. ”

    • ~ Irene M. Pepperberg, Professor at Harvard University
    • Author of Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence—and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process
  • “ The wide range of scientific expertise that Toft and Wright command is impressive and thoroughly presented. This book is extremely important as a reminder that wild parrots exist and need our conservation attention. ”

    • ~ John M. Marzluff
    • Coauthor of Gifts of the Crow and In the Company of Crows and Ravens
  • “ If you like parrots then you'll love this book. From their evolutionary past to their modern-day love lives, Parrots of the Wild presents a suitably captivating read. I thought I knew a lot about parrots--until I delved into these pages. ”

    • ~ Tony Juniper
    • Author of What Has Nature Ever Done for Us? and Spix's Macaw: The Race to Save the World's Rarest Bird
  • Parrots of the Wild contributes very significantly to our knowledge of these fascinating birds. I am most impressed by the wealth of information provided here. I recommend it to anyone with an interest in parrots. ”

    • ~ Joseph M. Forshaw
    • Department of Ornithology, Australian Museum, and Corresponding Fellow, American Ornithologists Union


When you purchase Parrots of the Wild from the World Parrot Trust, the proceeds go directly towards supporting parrot conservation efforts. Owning this beautiful volume will be a permanent reminder of your support and enthusiasm for parrots.
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About the Authors

Catherine A. Toft was Professor Emerita in the Department of Evolution and Ecology at the University of California, Davis at the time of her death in December 2011. She was coeditor of Parasite-Host Associations: Coexistence or Conflict?

Timothy F. Wright is Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at New Mexico State University. He has studied parrots in the wild and in the laboratory for more than twenty years.