Africa's Parrots Need Your Help

Many populations of parrots are threatened with extinction. In Africa the problem is particularly urgent - parrots there face an increasing number of threats, from harvesting for the wildlife trade and habitat loss, to disease and persecution as crop pests. The World Parrot Trust is focusing its attention on their plight, and we need your help!


Dr. Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace, has been long dedicated to wildlife conservation, and works to improve the lives of communities living alongside threatened species.

Watch her very special message about Africa's parrots, and the importance of saving them.

Meet Patience, one of the Grey Parrots receiving care at the Ngamba release site, three long years after being taken from his home by poachers.

Thanks to timely intervention by WPT, its field partners, and our generous supporters, Patience is receiving the care he needs to build his strength so he can join his flockmates flying free once again in the wilds of Africa, where he belongs.


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