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Latest Updates

2019 WPT Highlights

Dec 31, 2019

As the World Parrot Trust turns 30, it’s astounding to see just how much has changed in the parrot world in that time. And as 2019 comes to a close, we pause to take stock of all that’s happened over the last 12-plus months. 


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December Flock Talk

Dec 22, 2019

Have you read the December Flock Talk yet?

This month's issue takes a look back at the 6th release of Scarlet Macaws at the Copán Ruinas by WPT partner PRO-ALAS in Honduras, a study on the extent, frequency and ecological functions of...

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Arrival of grey parrots to Kiwa Centre UK

Jan 31, 2020

We would like to announce the arrival of 50 African Grey parrots at our Kiwa Centre in the UK. They are part of two groups that were confiscated in Hungary and in Bulgaria in 2014. Following the legal proceedings that assigned...

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Wow, what a year! Highlights from another busy 12 months for WPT’s Africa Conservation Program

Dec 31, 2019

From groundbreaking investigations leading to better protections for parrots threatened by trade, to heartwarming tales of parrots rescued from trafficking now thriving in the wild, it’s been another important year for parrots in...

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