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Good news for Red-fronted parrots

Jul 20, 2018

Big strides were made this week towards addressing the threat of international trade to Africa’s parrots. Concerns over rising exports of Red-fronted parrots Poicephalus gulielmi were discussed at the Thirtieth meeting of the CITES...

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June 2018

Jun 23, 2018

Have you read the June Flock Talk yet?

This month’s issue features an update on WPT’s latest efforts in Indonesia, a look at the noisy and nomadic Coconut Lorikeet, spotlights on ecotourism featuring exciting opportunities to see Grey...

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Comparison of flight mileage for various wild parrot species


To get a sense of wild parrots' physical activity, how many miles, on average, do various species fly per day?


What an interesting question! It actually varies pretty widely and it would take some time to pull together specifics for each species that...

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Is the fuchsia plant safe for my parrot?


I would like to know if the fuchsia plants are safe to give to my parrot. And if so what part of the plant.


Thank you for writing. A great place to start is the article found under our Reference Library (Learn > Reference Library > Health and...

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