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Latest Updates

November 2020 Flock Talk

Nov 21, 2020

Have you seen Flock Talk’s November issue?

Are you up for some parrot goodness? Updated news for Grey Parrots due to be released back to the wild in DRC, a profile on the rare Mitchell’s Lorikeet and an article on parrots of the same...

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September 2020 Flock Talk

Sep 19, 2020

Have you seen Flock Talk’s September issue yet?

Increase your parrot savvy with news, project updates and other good bits in our monthly newsletter! This time around we feature Indonesia trade work, a lively discussion of diversity,...

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October 2020 Flock Talk

Oct 24, 2020

Have you seen Flock Talk’s October issue yet?

This month’s issue is overflowing with all things parrot and good with a news update from the DRC about a group of Grey Parrots taking a first step towards freedom; a story about a young...

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August 2020 Flock Talk

Aug 22, 2020

Have you read the August Flock Talk yet?

Time for your monthly parrot news from around the planet! Find out about a chick rescue off the island of Bonaire, goings-on at the Macaw Recovery Network, a specially-recorded album with...

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