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Corporate Involvement

marketing opportuntiesParrots are under enormous threat in the wild, and often face numerous welfare challenges when kept in captivity. At the World Parrot Trust (WPT) we are committed to developing and promoting lasting solutions to help save parrots. We work with dozens of partners and individuals around the world and reach tens of thousands of parrot enthusiasts every month to bring about meaningful and permanent change for parrots.


Grants, Sponsorship and Cause Marketing

Businesses and corporations of all sizes can be key allies in advancing our cause, bringing resources to bear on issues of paramount importance. The benefits are mutual. Corporations that work with the WPT demonstrate to their customers, colleagues and employees a commitment to nature and the environment, compassion towards animals, and a dedication to protecting one of the world's most endangered families of birds.

We welcome the support of corporations and corporate foundations in the form of grants and in-kind gifts. Your support of the WPT can be tailored to reflect your interests and desired support level, from underwriting program development to sponsoring specific or long-term projects. We also offer opportunities for cause marketing relationships, with creative and measurable solutions designed to make the most of your special gift. We'll help you reach a sizable and engaged online community of parrot enthusiasts, as well as providing a range of communication tools to help you spread the word. 

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Matching Gifts

Many companies will match gifts made by their employees to registered charities. Check to see if your employer has such a program and if your support of the World Parrot Trust qualifies. Your gift could double or triple in value with no additional cost to you!

For more information about these exciting opportunities, please contact our Development Team.