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Personal Property and Real Estate

Show your commitment to saving parrots by giving a gift of property.  A significant tax benefit can be realized if the property is gifted to a non-profit organization.  These gifts can include principal residences, farms, land, commercial property, art, and jewellery. Giving this type of gift may reduce your income tax now if you live in certain regions in the United States on Canada, (or meet specific criteria within the United Kingdom).

real estate donation

How this works

The process would begin with you contacting the World Parrot Trust bringing about the item to be donated. After the fair market value is determined on real property, you would sign and deliver a deed transferring the property to the World Parrot Trust. For art and jewellery, a release is signed to transfer the objects to WPT. A charitable tax receipt is then issued for the fair market value as of the day on which the transfer takes place.


This gift is a solution for someone who wants to give an asset, but have none that are liquid.  Property can be donated, allowing you to help the World Parrot Trust protect habitat and save parrots for future generations. Your contribution may be tax deductible so please check with an investment advisor or estate planner to make sure that you receive the maximum benefit to which you are entitled.

Your privacy

Rest assured that the World Parrot Trust understands and upholds the important legal and ethical commitment of keeping your personal information private and strictly confidential. When you make the important decision to give a gift of property, it is a requirement that you use the legal name of the charity: World Parrot Trust (UK and EU), World Parrot Trust USA, Inc (USA-only) and Canadian World Parrot Trust (Canada-only).