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Matching Campaigns

You can double the effect of your donation when you participate in a matching program!

Giving is second nature to many people, but sometimes even the most generous donors can benefit from additional encouragement. It's a good feeling to see our gifts become twice as effective, especially when that money is going to a good cause like saving parrots.

Donation matching means that every gift—up to a pre-determined maximum—is doubled. Matching pledges can be made by anyone for a specific project or program, region or species, or can be unspecified to assist where it is most urgently needed.


matching campaigns


How It Works

During a matching campaign period, we ask supporters to meet a donor’s match with their donation. By telling them that a special donor will generously match their gifts for a limited period of time, or until the challenge value is met, they feel a sense of urgency and excitement with our appeals. Your contribution is clearly and gratefully acknowledged, or can remain anonymous.

Private donors, corporations, and charitable foundations can participate. Any amount pledged, big or small, can have a great effect.

If this idea sounds exciting to you, please contact our Development Team to learn about upcoming opportunities to participate.