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Thirty Ways to Help Raise Funds


There are many ways you can support the efforts of the World Parrot Trust. Below are just a few suggestions.


1. Sell tickets to a pancake breakfast or brunch with a rainforest or parrot theme.

2. Encourage your kids to present a topic involving parrot conservation at their school and collect pledges for parrots.

3. Arrange a potluck picnic with a tropical-parrot theme, with everyone contributing food and donations.

4. Hold a walk-a-thon or dance marathon and collect pledges for each mile or hour.

5. Hold raffles with handmade crafts for prizes, or make and sell handmade cards or gifts, all with a parrot theme.

6. Ask friends or family to remember special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries) by donating to the World Parrot Trust in your name.

7. Host a parrot-facts game show with your friends! Raise funds by charging a fee to enter the contest or pledge in support of a contestant.

8. Arrange a talent show and invite everyone to attend, with admission by donation to the World Parrot Trust.

9. Organize a sale of second hand items, with everyone donating items to sell.

10. Encourage your local school to raise funds for parrot habitat preservation.

11. Talk to your local pet store about hosting a Parrot Day at their store. Set up a table in front to sign up new members and take donations for the World Parrot Trust.

12. Ask your avian veterinarian if they would like to support and promote the World Parrot Trust by participating in talks, seminars, webinars, and the like.

13. Go to a nearby zoo or bird park and learn all about the different species there, and volunteer to help. Ask them to help raise funds for the Trust.

14. Create endangered parrot puppets and put on a show at a local school, and have kids star in your show.

15. Learn about environmental topics and make posters telling people how they can help.

16. Choose something challenging, maybe walking, swimming or cycling. Get sponsored for each mile or lap you complete. We have the forms!

17. Do you know anyone else with a parrot? Make a parrot toy that would be suitable for that species and sell it to them.

18. Give up something you would really miss, like sweets or TV and get people to sponsor you for each day that you go without.

19. Bake some cakes and biscuits (with the help of a parent if need be) and sell them to your friends.

20. Get together with your friends and clean cars in your neighbourhood for a fee -- get permission from your local shopping market, school or church.

21. Buy a packet of seeds, plant them and let them grow. This could be a plant that both people and parrots enjoy. Then sell the plants.

22. Hold a sponsored silence. Ask your parents, friends, neighbours to sponsor you to keep quiet! You could ask them to sponsor you for the whole day or per hour.

23. Organise a tea party at your house. We have some parrot recipes that both people and parrots enjoy. Charge people an entrance fee.

24. Hold a parrot painting competition. Pick some judges and a prize and then charge an entry fee into the competition. We could auction the winning painting on our website.

25. If you are a member of a club ask to give a talk about parrots and their welfare and conservation for a donation.

26. Sell our TradeBands (Charity Wrist Bands) to anyone who would like to help protect parrots. We can provide supporting information about our proposal to ban the importation of wild caught birds into Europe and the UK. (Purchase TradeBands through the WPT eStores).

27. Get a donation for a service like raking leaves, collecting shopping, reading a book or taking care of a pet.

28. Put something like jelly beans or raisins in a jar and hold a "guess the quantity" competition.

29. Get together with friends and put on a show. You can play instruments, sing songs, recite poems, tell jokes or act in a play.

30. Get a video camera and create your own mini film and charge people to watch it. It can either be about parrots or something completely different.

These are just a few ideas. Get answers to some of our most frequently asked fundraising-related questions.

Contact our Development team if you are going to host an event in your area - we can help.

Do you have a successful fundraising story to share? Let us know! Remember to take photos and send them to us with a description about what you have done. You could end up appearing in PsittaNews pages of our membership magazine PsittaScene, or enewsletter Flock Talk or on our website. Either send the information by email to our Development team or send by post with your donation.