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Sponsor / Marketing Partnerships

The World Parrot Trust (WPT) offers partnering opportunities including sponsorship, cause-marketing, and alliance marketing and promotion for corporations. We seek ethical partners having similar missions, and shared marketing and communication goals. We provide a focused audience, program effectiveness, international conservation ties, and community roots.

partnership marketingWPT offers measurable results:

  • Aligning your brand with a leading wildlife NGO
  • Increasing your market share through effective cause-marketing programs
  • Reaching over half a million parrot enthusiasts each year 
  • Incorporating web-enabled analytic tools to measure impact
  • Generating sales through cross-promotional opportunities
  • Receiving a tax benefit from your contribution

There is a range of opportunities to get involved with WPT, from employee volunteerism to underwriting one of our major events or programs. Partnering with the WPT is a distinctive and rewarding way for your business to gain a variety of benefits. Partners are given the opportunity to appear on WPT program collateral, be seen on our websites, are featured in our social networks and featured in our PsittaScene magazine; cumulatively reaching over 60,000 individuals each month. We can also offer customized programs to reach your marketing objectives

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Become a Sponsor

WPT’s research, conservation and education programs are supported in part by sponsorship from foundations, corporations, and individuals. Opportunities abound for support including in-kind donations and financial contributions, covering programs around the world. Many wonderful recognition opportunities exist in these programs, while other sponsorships may include original content, media creation and distribution.

Local and international corporations support the WPT, underwriting events, contributing to annual fund-raisers, providing employee volunteers and through product donations. As a non-profit entity, the WPT relies on these corporate partners to extend our work, keep our costs down and efficiently deliver effective programs. We strive to provide corporations with an opportunity to show their dedication to saving the environment and furthering animal wellbeing through these partnerships.

Please contact our development team to learn more about partnership opportunities, or developing a sponsorship program.