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Major Gifts

One of the most meaningful gifts you can make is to help protect parrots and their wild places, which sustain a breathtaking diversity of life.

Nearly one third of all parrot species are now under threat - more than 100+ species in total. They face numerous challenges in the wild because of human encroachment of crucial habitat areas, capture for the wildlife trade, introduced diseases, and persecution as crop pests.

Support an organization that thinks big, and succeeds

Conserving parrots requires vision. And unless we think big, threats like these will dramatically lessen or eliminate wild parrot populations over time.

When you choose to support WPT, you’re partnering with an organization that gets results. Since 1989, we have been busy protecting crucial habitat areas, pulling critically endangered species back from the brink, returning thousands of parrots back to wild, and stopping millions of birds from entering the wild caught trade. Today, we’re continuing this work and tackling some of the biggest conservation issues facing all parrots.

The WPT network spans more than 42 countries, making an impact on a global scale. Together, we are creating a future where more humans live in harmony with nature and parrots.

Help shape parrot conservation

There are many ways to create an impact. Perhaps you’re particularly passionate about a specific species, conservation issue or region. Or maybe you’d prefer to make an unrestricted donation, so your gift goes where it's needed most urgently.

Make a contribution today with a gift of cash or securities, or leave a gift in your Will and create a legacy for future generations, and create a transformative change for the parrots

If you'd like to make a substantial impact, please contact our Major Gifts/Development Team— and build a future where humans and parrots live in balance.