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Why Save Parrots

Major issues in wildlife conservation...

People love parrots. They are some of the most charismatic, adaptable and intelligent of all animals. They live in a range of environments on nearly every continent, from snow-capped peaks to humid rainforests to arid deserts. Like people, many parrots live in complex social structures, choose mates for life, and live for lifespans equal to or exceeding our own. We identify with them, admire their beauty and diversity.

1 in 3 SpeciesOur admiration of these bewitching birds comes at a price: thousands of parrots are trapped every year to be sold into the pet trade, with more than half dying before export from their range countries. This and habitat loss are the main reasons parrots are the most endangered group of birds on earth, with one in three species currently at risk of extinction in the wild.

As a result of this unsustainable trade, silent forests remain, devoid of the grandeur and spectacle of these amazing creatures, and the ecological impacts from their removal remain largely unknown.

...and welfare

Their great popularity means that we keep millions of them as companions.  A fortunate few enjoy long, rich and fulfilling lives receiving optimal care from well-informed and compassionate caregivers. Some however suffer from a lack of understanding of their needs and live short, miserable lives.

It is for these reasons that WPT's focus is: 

Saving wild parrots from extinction and ensuring optimal care for companion parrots.

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