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Scientific Publications

The World Parrot Trust places a strong emphasis on science to guide our conservation work. We are involved in all stages of the scientific process by securing funding, designing studies, collecting data, analysing results and sharing findings through peer-reviewed scientific papers, conference presentations and the popular press.

Several of our staff, trustees and advisors are highly-trained scientists and are regularly asked to peer-review scientific papers for major journals.


Publications by Year:



*†Davies, Alisa, D’Cruze, Neil, Senni, Cristiana, Martin, Rowan O. 2022. Inferring patterns of wildlife trade through monitoring social media: Shifting dynamics of trade in wild-source African Grey parrots following major regulatory changes.



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*†Davies, Alisa, Hinsley, Amy, Nuno, Ana, Martin, Rowan O. 2021. Identifying opportunities for expert-mediated triangulation in monitoring wildlife trade on social media.

*†Haysom, Simone, Martin, Rowan 2021. Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime Trend Report: Online Markets for African Grey Parrots in Africa.

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*Skirrow, Michael John Adam Smith, Adam N. H., Ortiz-Catedral, Luis 2021. Estimating the population size of orange-fronted parakeets (Cyanoramphus malherbi) on offshore islands of New Zealand.

*†Hellmich, Dominique L., Saidenberg, André B.S., Wright, Timothy F. 2021. Genetic, but Not Behavioral, Evidence Supports the Distinctiveness of the Mealy Amazon Parrot in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

*Ramos-Güivas, Brian, Jawor, Jodie M., Wright, Timothy F. 2021 Seasonal Variation in Fecal Glucocorticoid Levels and Their Relationship to Reproductive Success in Captive Populations of an Endangered Parrot.

†Mellor, Emma L., McDonald Kinkaid, Heather K., Mendl, Michael T., Cuthill, Innes C., van Zeeland, Yvonne R.A., Mason, Georgia J. 2021. Nature calls: intelligence and natural foraging style predict poor welfare in captive parrots.

*Martin, Graham R., Martin, Rowan O. 2021. Psittaciformes Sensory Systems.



*†Leaver, Jessica, Carstens, Kate, Wimburger, Kirsten, Padfield, Clare, Martin, Rowan O., Downs, Colleen, Singh, Preshnee, Davies-Mostert, Harriet, Morrison, Kerryn, Young, Anna 2020. A new action plan developed for the Cape parrot and its habitat.

*†Pacifico, Erica C., Efsthathion, Caroline A., Filadelfo, Thiago, Horsburgh,Robert, Cunha, Roberta A., Paschotto, Fernanda R., Dénes, Francisco V., Gilardi, James D., Tella, José L. 2020. Experimental removal of invasive Africanized honey bees increased breeding population size of the endangered Lear's macaw.

†Dupin, Molly K., Dahlin, Christine R., Wright, Timothy F. 2020. Range-Wide Population Assessment of the Endangered Yellow-Naped Amazon (Amazona auropalliata)

†Tella, José L., Hiraldo, Fernando, Pacifico, Erica, Diaz-Luque, José A., Dénes, Francisco V., Fontoura, Fernanda M., Guedes, Neiva, Blanco, Guillermo 2020. Conserving the Diversity of Ecological Interactions: The Role of Two Threatened Macaw Species as Legitimate Dispersers of “Megafaunal” Fruits

†Brett, Georgia Michelle 2020. Behaviour and diet of the Tasman parakeet (Cyanoramphus cookii) on Norfolk Island, South Pacific

†Brett, Georgia, Ortiz-Catedral, Luis 2020. The importance of niau (Rhopalostylis baueri) in the diet of the Tasman parakeet (Cyanoramphus cookii) in the Norfolk Island National Park.

†James, Tamora D., Salguero-Gómez, Roberto, Jones, Owen R., Childs, Dylan Z., Beckerman, Andrew P. 2020. Bridging gaps in demographic analysis with phylogenetic imputation.



*†Ezenwa, Ifeanyi M., Nwani, Christopher, Ottosson, Ulf, Martin, Rowan O. 2019. Opportunities to boost protection of the grey parrot in Nigeria.

*†Martin, Rowan O., Senni, Cristiana, D’cruze, Neil, Bruschi, Nick 2019. Tricks of the trade—legal trade used to conceal Endangered African grey parrots on commercial flights.

*†Mzumara, Tiwonge I., Martin, Rowan O., Tripathi, Hemant, Phiri, Chaona, Amar, Arjun 2019. Distribution of a habitat specialist: Mopane woodland structure determines occurrence of Near Threatened Lilian’s Lovebird Agapornis lilianae.

*†Hemant G. Tripathi, Tiwonge I. Mzumara, Rowan O. Martin, Catherine L. Parr, Chaona Phiri, Casey M. Ryan 2019. Dissimilar effects of human and elephant disturbance on woodland structure and functional bird diversity in the mopane woodlands of Zambia.

†Sebastían-González, Esther, Hiraldo, Fernando, Blanco, Guillermo, Hernández-Brito, Dailos, Romero-Vidal, Pedro, Carrete, Martina, Gómez-Llanos, Eduardo, Pacífico, Erica C., Diaz-Luque, José A., Dénes, Francisco V., Tella, José L. 2019. The extent, frequency and ecological functions of food wasting by parrots.

†Simmonds, Serena Analeia 2019. Habitat use by Tasman parakeets (Cyanoramphus cookii) and Crimson rosellas (Platycercus elegans) on Norfolk Island, South Pacific.



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*Lopes, Daniel C., Martin, Rowan O., Henriques, Mohamed, Monteiro, Hamilton, Cardoso, Paulo, Tchantchalam, Quintino, Pires, António J., Regalla, Aissa, Catry, Paulo 2018. Combining local knowledge and field surveys to determine status and threats to Timneh Parrots Psittacus timneh in Guinea-Bissau.

*†Martin, Rowan O., Senni, Cristiana, D’Cruze, Neil C. 2018. Trade in wild-sourced African grey parrots: Insights via social media.

†Wright, Timothy F., Lewis, Thomas C., Lezama-Lopez, Martín, Smith-Vidaurre, Grace, Dahlin, Christine R. 2018. Yellow-naped Amazon Amazona auropalliata populations are markedly low and rapidly declining in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

†Dahlin, Christine R., Blake, Chelsea, Rising, Jake, Wright, Timothy F. 2018. Long-term monitoring of Yellow-naped Amazons (Amazona auropalliata) in Costa Rica: breeding biology, duetting, and the negative impact of poaching.

†Skirrow, Michael John Adam 2018. Estimating the population size of two critically endangered South Pacific parakeets: the Tasman Parakeet and Malherbe's Parakeet.



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*WPT co-authored studies
†WPT co-funded studies