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Field Updates

Parrots Released
December 29, 2009 (Cameroon) - Limbe Wildlife Centre

This morning we released the first 49 parrots in a community forest. The operation went very smoothly. We started early in the morning by catching 53 parrots. They were put in the three story transport box that Jacob, our carpenter, had prepared for them. The box was loaded on the car and off we went to the forest.

Upon arrival the box was opened and while a few parrots flew out right away, most of them took their time. Some had to be taken out of the box by hand and then they flew off. We found that 4 were not strong enough yet to fly well, so they went back home with us.

This release is a very nice start, but most of the parrots will have to stay much longer at the Limbe Wildlife Centre before they are ready to fly. We appreciate your continued support greatly. Please help to take care of these wonderful birds and bring them back where they belong.

Best wishes

Simone de Vries
Manager, Limbe Wildlife Center

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