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Declines in Grey and Timneh parrots prompt listing as Endangered

Rowan Martin, PhD | Dec 21, 2016


On December 8th Grey and Timneh parrots were uplisted to Endangered, the second highest level of threat on the IUCN Red-list of threatened species. This change in their categorisation follows their uplisting to Appendix I of CITES in October and reflects growing concerns over the impact of trade and forest loss on populations of both species. WPT has been working tirelessly with local and international partners to document the situation on the ground, helping to understand the status of populations in West Africa and uncovering the true extent of trapping in the Congo Basin.  

We’ve also done everything we can to make sure this information gets in front of the right people, meeting with governments, conservation groups and communities across Africa and travelling to the CITES Conference of Parties to speak up in support of an end to trade in wild Grey and Timneh parrots. While gaining formal protection is important, it means little if it doesn’t translate into action on the ground.  

That is why we’ve continued to focus efforts on the frontline, assisting with ground-breaking projects to recruit poachers into jobs in conservation, and helping build capacity for law enforcement where it is most needed. 2016 has been an important year for Grey and Timneh parrots, but the next few years could be even more so.