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The Echo logo’s secret

Sam Williams, PhD | Jun 20, 2013


For a long time now I've been meaning to describe the lovely little arty details about the new logo design. As we've just installed our great new sign at Dos Pos it seems appropriate do that now. If you haven't seen the sign take a look on our Facebook page:

Cheryl Rutherford  ( generously donated her time and designed the new logo for Echo. Indeed our earlier logo "The Happy Parrot" was also Cheryl's great work but that was actually a T-shirt design that I stole and chopped into a logo. The Echo team and myself love the new logo especially when you hear about the special features that even Robert Langdon would be proud of. In Cheryl's words:

"The curve in the underside of the tree, the tree trunk and under the word "Echo" represents an echo: it curves around like, say, the movement of a boomerang. I had read about how the name Echo came to be and thus added this visual representation. The "heart" in the tree trunk represents "people" and the dedication to conserving the parrots. The parrots are intentionally flying out of the design/box, representing parrots flying freely and uncaged."


The last feature has been brought to life in the sign which was donated by Echo's great friends at Sign Studio ( and now stands at the entrance to the Dos Pos Conservation centre. Cheryl's contributions haven't stopped and she's help us now to get the design on to T-shirts and we hope to be able to tell you about those soon too.

The parrots, the Echo team and I would like to thank Cheryl for her great work on the design and Michael and Diana too for turning it into a fabulous sign!