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Behaviour & Training


Height Dominance in Parrots: Fact or Fiction?

Lisa Desatnik

A question often asked by owners is: should companion birds be allowed on caregivers' shoulders?

The Parrot That Screams

Lee McGuire

How to effectively handle an over-exuberant bird.

The Parrot That Fears

Lisa Desatnik

Is that out-of-the-blue fear really out-of-the-blue?

Parrot Hero - Susan Friedman

World Parrot Trust

Susan Friedman, Ph.D has helped pioneer efforts to apply to animals the scientifically sound teaching technology and ethical standard of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Interview with Steve Martin of Natural Encounters

World Parrot Trust

Insights into working with animal behaviours.

Behaviour Fundamentals

Susan G. Friedman

Filling the behaviour-change toolbox.

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