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Health & Nutrition


Allergic Alveolitis: A Hypersensitivity Disorder

Desi Milpacher

Information about this illness, and some simple precautions you can take to prevent it from starting.

Benefits and Limitations of Milk Thistle as a Nutritional Supplement for Birds

Desi Milpacher

This relatively unadorned plant may be fairly commonplace - but it just may have a lot to offer as a therapeutic agent in the field of medicine, both human and veterinary.

Collibacilosis - A Preventable Illness

World Parrot Trust

The bacterium Escherichia coli is examined, revealing its sometimes dangerous effects in people and parrots.

Common Household Poisons

World Parrot Trust

A handy reference of some of the more common household plants and man-made products that can harm your parrot.

Dangers of Stunting in Handfed Psittacines

EB Cravens

The accepted practice of handfeeding parrot chicks in order to make them into social pets has a sobering down side to it.

Dealing with Feather Picking

EB Cravens

Recognizing the signs of destructive feather picking, and suggestions for handling it.

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