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Health & Nutrition


Your Feathered Friends’ Feet

WPT Staff

Whenever your bird is not flying it will be using its feet. It is therefore crucial to keep them exercised and healthy.

Plants for Parrots

World Parrot Trust

Giving your parrot browse and greenery to chew on is a great way to encourage natural behaviour. Experiment with different types and use this to provide occupational enrichment.

Parrot Nutrition Guide

World Parrot Trust

While it may not be possible to duplicate the exotic fruit and nectar found in the wild, it is still easy to offer our birds a range of natural, nutritious foods.

A Parrot’s Fine Cuisine Cookbook and Nutritional Guide

Karmen Budai and Shean Pao

Insights into the evolving topics of avian nutrition.

Common Household Poisons

World Parrot Trust

Protect your parrot from toxic chemicals and poisonous plants.

Wild Diets, Captive Options

Jamie Gilardi & EB Cravens

Offering companion parrots a nutritionally diverse selection of natural and wild foods as part of their daily diet.

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