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Toys & Enrichment


The Parrot that Chews

WPT Staff

A chewing, climbing, foraging parrot is a happy one, and that's half the battle of keeping birds healthy.

A Toy to Climb All Over: Hanging and Gym Toys

Desi Milpacher

Learn just what it takes to entice a pet parrot to climb up and down and over and across... and keep him healthy and happy.

Hide and Seek Foraging and Puzzle Toys

Desi Milpacher

Parrots in captivity must be given the opportunity to satisfy their natural inclinations to forage.

Enriching Lives: One Parrot at a Time

David Woolcock

Enrichment can make a huge difference in your pet's quality of life.

Natural Environmental Enhancement for Your Captive Birds

EB Cravens

The search for ways to provide the optimum natural environment for captive psittacines is an ongoing endeavour.

Not Doing Enough for Your Parrot? Get Creative!

Karen Winsor

Territoriality and the creative cage environment.

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