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Dr. Rowan Martin, WPT's Africa Programme Director explains why signing the petition is so important for the future of wild Grey Parrots.

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Is an End to the Trade in Wild Grey Parrots in Sight?

Written by: Rowan Martin

Aug 16, 2016

An end to the trade in wild-caught African Grey parrots has come one step closer to reality. A number of African countries (including Gabon, Angola, Chad, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo) together with the European Union and United...

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Returning wild-caught Greys to the wild

Answered by expert: World Parrot Trust - Staff


Once wild caught Greys are identified as such here in the US is there no way to return them to their home? What are the logistics involved?...


At the WPT we often receive questions from individuals who feel that their companion birds might be better off and happier if they were...

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