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PsittaScene Magazine

PsittaScene is the quarterly magazine published by the World Parrot Trust. Members receive a printed copy delivered as part of their subscription by post, and we make an electronic version available online.

Each issue has regular updates on the work being carried out by the WPT, along with reports from the field. The magazine also covers topics relating to bird behaviour in captivity, helping parrot owners to understand their complex companions.

In each issue you will find:

  • Stunning never-seen-before images
  • Exciting field updates about wild parrots
  • Interviews with the biologists, veterinarians and world class avian care specialists
  • Important parrot news from around the world
  • Inspirational travel ideas, and much more...

When you join the WPT you will receive a new issue via postal mail quarterly, and gain access to more than 30 years of archives online.

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Submitting an Article

WPT will consider publishing articles based on their merits. Please review the Guide for Contributors for full details.
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Past Issues

PsittaScene Winter 2022

Winter 2022

Volume 34.2 (no. 133)

  • Message from the Operations Director: Steve Milpacher
  • Kākā Conservation: Update from the field
  • Exploring the Distributional Range of the Santa Marta Parakeet
  • Interview with Ann Brooks: Phoenix Landing Foundation
  • Parrot Trafficking in Mexico: Large Seizure Prompts New Actions
  • Parrots in the Wild: Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

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PsittaScene Autumn 2022

Autumn 2022

Volume 34.3 (no. 132)

  • Message from The Editor’s Desk: Desi Milpacher
  • Protecting Macaws from the Threat of Forest Fires: An Experience from Bolivia
  • Book Review: Effective Conservation Parks, Rewilding, and Local Development
  • Interview: Alisa Davies on Social Media, Trade and New Data
  • Can You Teach an Old Parrot New Tricks? Studying Parrot Lifespan, Aging, and Vocal Learning
  • Do Wild Parrots Self-medicate?
  • Parrots in the Wild: Little Corella

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PsittaScene Summer 2022

Summer 2022

Volume 34.2 (no. 131)

  • Message from the Chairperson: Alison Hales
  • Getting to Know Them: Research and the fight to save Thick-billed Parrots
  • Rimatara Lorikeet: Nest monitoring program
  • Fear and Hope: Ukraine’s parrots and their people
  • Fledgling in the Field: A Puerto Rico travelogue
  • Adventures with Lovebird DNA: Sampling in the Zambezi River Basin
  • Africa Anti-Trade Work: Recent developments
  • Parrots in the Wild: Vernal Hanging Parrot

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PsittaScene Spring 2022

Spring 2022

Volume 34.1 (no. 130)

  • Message from Steve Milpacher, Operations Director
  • More Good News for Grey Parrots!
  • Update from Brazil: Parrot rescues kept busy throughout 2021
  • Happy Chicks: Yellow-chevroned Parakeet rescue
  • Spotlight: Zoo Conservation Partner: Lion Country Safari
  • Malherbe's Parakeets: Estimating the population size on offshore islands
  • Rewilding Parrots: The complexities of returning birds to freedom
  • Pet Pages: Your feathered friend's beak
  • Parrots in the Wild Red-breasted Parakeet

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Past Issues:
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