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Why Save Parrots

Major issues in wildlife conservation...

People love parrots, a group of animals often recognized as the most charismatic and intelligent of all birds. They are adaptable and are found on every continent except Antarctica. They inhabit a range of environments from snow-capped peaks, to tropical rainforests, to arid deserts. Like people, many live in complex social structures often choosing mates for life, and living for lifespans equal to or exceeding our own.

1 in 3 Species

As a family, parrots are the most endangered group of birds on earth, with more than 100+ species threatened in the wild of the nearly 400 species that make up this group.

They face numerous challenges in the wild relating to human encroachment of crucial habitat areas, capture for the wildlife trade, introduced diseases, and persecution as crop pests.

And while people have actively trapped and kept parrots since prehistoric times, their immense popularity as feathered companions in the past few decades have caused dozens of species to be impacted by the live bird trade.  This was a practice carried out on a massive scale, causing a devastating effect on millions of individual birds and global populations.

Threats to parrots

As a result of this unsustainable trade, silent forests remain, devoid of the grandeur and spectacle of these amazing creatures, and the ecological impacts from their removal remain largely unknown.

...and animal welfare

Today, their great popularity means that we keep millions of them as companions.  A fortunate few enjoy long, rich and fulfilling lives receiving optimal care from well-informed and compassionate caregivers.

Many more, however, are acquired on a whim and suffer due to misunderstandings about their specialized care in captivity with varied dietary and housing requirements, and need for mental stimulation. As a result they can be subjected to abuse and neglect, living short and miserable lives.

It is for these reasons that WPT's focus is: 

Saving wild parrots from extinction and ensuring optimal care for companion parrots.

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