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Wild Parrots Up Close


Imagine it - seeing parrots interacting, climbing, flying, and being parrots - in the wild. Wild Parrots Up Close provides a unique chance to travel to remote locations where these colourful birds live. 

These trips are designed to appeal to people from all walks of life, from gap year students to mature travellers, from various different countries. Many customers have travelled with Wild Parrots Up Close several times.

The purpose of all of Wild Parrots' trips is to locate and observe as many of the parrot species as possible in the area they visit whether it is the macaws of South America, the lories and lorikeets of Australasia or lovebirds in Africa. There is also a chance to observe other bird and wildlife species. 

The company arranges all internal flights (where necessary), all transfers from and to airports abroad, all tours with English speaking guides, all accommodation and all food and drink (excluding alcoholic drinks).

Contact Steve Brookes: [email protected]

Visit the website: Wild Parrots Up Close