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André Saidenberg

Andre Saidenberg

André Saidenberg

Brazil Manager

André is a Brazilian veterinarian with a special interest in medicine for birds and other wild animals. He completed his Masters degree in Veterinary Epidemiology in Microbiology in captive and free-living psittacines in 2008, his PhD working with confiscated birds undergoing the release process back into the wild in 2013 and currently postdoctoral surveys of the health of free-ranging Lear's Macaws. He has been a volunteer of the WPT since 2007 translating PsittaScene to Portuguese and helping WPT to form partnerships in Brazil with conservationists and scientific groups.

Although he does not personally encourage people to have wild animals as pets, he does like to share information with people about how to give pet parrots a better life in a domestic environment, about the plight of birds in the illegal trade, and to conserving nature in Brazil.