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Avin Deen

Avin Deen

India Representative

Avin has been a nature and animal lover since childhood. The event that triggered his intense passion in birds and parrots in particular was his sister receiving four budgerigars as a birthday gift in 1993 from a friend. What started out as a passion for pet bird keeping broadened into a wider interest in birding, natural history and conservation. Avin was also actively involved in the Bird Watchers’ Society of Andhra Pradesh, one of India’s leading birding societies. Currently he is working as a management consultant, heading the learning and development division of his organization.

Avin’s work for parrots includes getting people actively involved in parrot conservation, educating pet parrot owners on the proper care and welfare of birds in India, exploring natural and herbal remedies for preventing and treating parrot illnesses, rescuing and rehabilitating parrots from traders and fortune tellers, and developing a fund for aiding meaningful conservation-oriented field research on the 12 species of parrots found in India. His long-term goal is to help build local communities that promote parrot welfare and conservation, and an all India network of individuals, organizations working for parrots. In 20+ years of working with parrots, Avin has rescued or coordinated in the rescue of Budgies, and Rose-ringed, Plum-headed and Alexandrine parakeets.