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Carlie Thomas

Carlie Thomas

Carlie Thomas

Parrot Care Communications Coordinator

Carlie has devoted the past 15 years to gaining an in-depth understanding of captive parrots and the specialised care they require. Fuelled by her passion for parrots, she currently shares her life with three free-flight macaws, whose lives and adventures she extensively documents on her various social media platforms. These posts have garnered over a million followers from around the globe.

Carlie has experience and skills in marketing, social media content creation, copywriting, photography, and videography. Her passion has now evolved to focus on transforming the way people look after pet parrots, underpinned by a staunch belief in education as a key tool for change, and has authored numerous online articles in the hope that by educating people on parrot care requirements, fewer people will make impulse purchases. Carlie also has a keen interest in preserving the wild macaw populations through education and fundraising efforts.