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Charlotte Foxhall

Charlotte Foxhall

Charlotte Foxhall, M.Sc.

Indonesia Manager, Special Projects Manager 

Charlotte Foxhall holds an Honours degree in Environmental Science and a Master's degree in Conservation Ecology from Oxford Brookes University, with a specific focus on analyzing seizure and CITES data to comprehend the parrot trade and confiscation practices in Africa.

Conservation has been an integral part of her life for as long as she can recall, being compelled by concerns about the plight of wild animals. Growing up in Cornwall and travelling at a young age, witnessing impacts on wildlife in different regions provided inspiration, leading her to volunteer for numerous wildlife projects and causes. This allowed her to gain practical and ecological experience in species protection and habitat management.

Having worked both with charities and to support charities in the past, Charlotte has a background in charity management and built knowledge in creating training programs to teach relevant skills, identify development gaps in operations and hone grant writing practices. 

In 2018, Charlotte became a part of WPT where she currently manages the Indonesia program, working with forestry departments, rescue centres and law enforcement to build a cohesive network across the country to tackle illegal wildlife trade, build capacity for the rescue and release of parrots confiscated from trade, and develop several field conservation projects to protect species and their habitats. She also collaborates with partners in other regions across the world to facilitate several special conservation initiatives. 

Her core priorities revolve around acquiring a deeper understanding of the ecological balance in conservation management to effectively mitigate species loss.