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Cristiana Senni

Cristiana Senni

Cristiana Senni

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Cristiana spent 8 years in New York after art school before moving back to Italy. Cristiana always loved animals and started keeping parrots - four male Amazons, and a female Grey parrot - about 15 years ago. When she first joined the Trust in 1997, Cristiana volunteered as a translator for PsittaScene, WPT's quarterly magazine. Over time she took on more responsibilities and became the Trust's representative in Italy. In 2000, Cristiana became a WPT Trustee.

In more recent years, the majority of Cristiana's work with the Trust has focused on researching the issues related to the wild-caught trade, along with representing the WPT at bird-trade related meetings with the EU Commission, DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and CITES.

In her latest role at the Trust as Social Media Coordinator / Bird Trade Specialist, Cristiana is using her talents to manage WPT's social networks - Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube - and by helping to facilitate all aspects of WPT's efforts to end the international trade in wild-caught birds. She will help determine strategies and carry out activities for the trade-related work with special emphasis on Africa, the European Union, and Asia. Cristiana will also continue to engage in CITES-related activities, research, and communications.