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Karen Whitley

Karen Whitley

Karen Whitley

U.K. Administrator

Karen Whitley has been the Administrator for the World Parrot Trust for the UK and the rest of the world since 1998.  She has an educational background of Business Management and employment as a Print Production Manager with a Management Consultancy firm.

Her first introduction to animals and their behaviour happened when she was lucky enough to attend one of the first ‘Join Up’ Tours by Monty Roberts (horses) in the UK in the early 90’s.  Since then, understanding animal behaviour and its use with animals in captivity has been of deep interest to her and she has attended conferences on this subject for horses, dogs, cats and parrots.  Although having not grown up with any pets – her parents travelled regularly – she found her passion was for animals and their welfare.  She also began to understand the problems being created by the trade in wild animals.  Having an employment history of Administration though, the prospect of work in any such environment was very limited.  Therefore, when a chance to become involved in parrot conservation and welfare at an administrative level was advertised, she jumped at the opportunity.  From there she has learned about the wonderful work done by Steve Martin and the many others interested in promoting understanding bird behaviour and applying it in captivity.

Karen has been lucky enough to share her life with many cats as companions in her adult life and hopes one day to re-home a few parrots too.