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Lauren Schmaltz

Lauren Schmaltz

Lauren Schmaltz BA(Biol, Spanish), M.En.

USA Administrator

Lauren Schmaltz completed a dual Bachelor degree in Biology and Spanish and a Master of Environmental Studies. In the midst of her studies, Lauren also spent several years living overseas in the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Costa Rica, and Bonaire.

Lauren first became involved with the World Parrot Trust while serving as the Director of Echo, a small non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot and its fragile dry forest habitat on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire. She returned to the US from Bonaire in 2017, having stepped down from that role to dedicate herself to working full-time with the World Parrot Trust. She has a keen interest in environmental management, community outreach and education, and sustainable development that harmonizes well with WPT’s growing initiatives in parrot conservation, habitat restoration, and community engagement.