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Maria Borgh

Maria Borgh (nee Rogstadius)

Sweden Representative

Maria began her involvement with WPT Sweden in 2014, by being involved in the Swedish translation of PsittaScene and as an administrator of the WPT Sweden Facebook page. She is very interested in languages and how the human mind works, and works for a charity in the UK that provides help and support for people with learning disabilities as well as working towards positive societal change. Learning and development is a keen interest and very close to her heart.

Birds became her main focus when she moved to the United Kingdom in 2008 - perhaps not a surprising development considering her fascination with dinosaurs. Through an interest in falconry she became acquainted with parrots, and now shares her home with a Meyer's Parrot named Luna, the African Grey Pandora, a Timneh called Jasper, Io the Ducorp's Cockatoo - and last but not least, a physicist.

Living with parrots has made her aware of the difficulties of keeping parrots in captivity and she hopes that through education of owners and breeders, both current and prospective, behaviour problems will decline and the number of unwanted parrots will be reduced.