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Ruud Vonk

Ruud Vonk

Ruud Vonk


For over 30 years Ruud Vonk has been a breeder of Amazon parrots in Benelux. In 1990, his passion for parrots led him to become a member and Chairman of WPT-Benelux. He began actively promoting the World Parrot Trust in Holland and Belgium by organizing an annual symposium, which included lectures by leading experts on parrot-related topics such as health, care, nutrition, breeding, field research and conservation.

Ten years of symposiums built a solid foundation of knowledge, motivating the WPT-Benelux to publish a comprehensive paperback on all relevant lectures, articles and culture in the field of parrots and parrot-like birds. In addition to organizing the annual parrot symposium, Ruud Vonk has also made fundraising efforts for projects such as the Lear's Macaw and the Parrot Action Plan.

Today, Ruud continues to promote the World Parrot Trust in Benelux at lectures, trade fairs and bird shows, and strives to continue building awareness about the plight of parrots.