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Elizabeth Hobson

Elizabeth Hobson lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She is currently writing her Ph.D. on the behavior and social structure of Monk Parakeets.

Before becoming a graduate student, Liz spent a few years living a nomadic life, getting hired on as a field tech for seasonal ornithology research projects. She has observed endangered Roseate Terns in the U.S. Virgin Islands, banded birds for a population monitoring project in Oregon, captured endangered honeycreepers on the Big Island of Hawaii, and educated visitors about raptor ecology for a hawk migration project in the Goshute Mountains of Nevada.

She was first introduced to the joys and struggles of field work with parrots when she worked with the Tambopata Macaw Project in Peru in 2003. She found parrots of all sizes to be fascinating study subjects and returned to work with Brown-throated Conures on the island of Bonaire in 2004. She started her graduate research on Monk Parakeets in 2006 and has traveled to Connecticut, Texas, Florida, and Argentina to observe Monks in both their exotic and native habitats.

Liz is excited to have the chance to share her parrot-related adventures with a wider audience, and welcomes comments or questions about her work.