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Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson

Killer the Golden Conure

Feb 03, 2014

"Killer," Golden Conure hatched ??? , died 14 December 2013

I was heartbroken last month to learn of the death of a very special bird, a Golden Conure named Killer. I was fortunate enough to meet Killer on a trip to visit her longtime companion, Presley -- the Spix's Macaw whose miraculous...

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Emily Robinson

Brazil, Land of the Spix’s: Part II

Oct 23, 2013

The change is abrupt. I urge my shaky rental over the last of the rocky red road, out from under the cooling shade of the tree canopy, into the brilliant sun and onto the Brazilian highway. My mind and heart are achingly full of my recent experience visiting Bill and Linda Wittkoff at the Lymington...

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Emily Robinson

Brazil - Land of the Spix’s

Apr 03, 2013

Part I - The Lymington Foundation

"Recalculating," the voice on my GPS drones patiently after I take yet another wrong turn along the labyrinthine streets of Sao Paulo. Motorbikers buzz by me on all sides as I wrangle my way through traffic, passing piles of decrepit houses, giant tenements, and...

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