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Toa Kyle

Toa Kyle

Swan Song in Blue-throat Landia

Sep 11, 2007

The Blue-throated Macaw (BTM) 2007 field season is well underway.  I've just finished orientating our new coordinator for the project.  After four field seasons here in Bolivia I felt it was time to move on to other things. 

My replacement is an Argentine, Igor Berkunsky (of Ukrainian descent if...

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Toa Kyle

End of the season

Feb 21, 2007

Things are winding down for the 2006/2007 field season.  Our last nest fledged two chicks a couple of days ago, bringing this season’s total to six chicks, from four nests.  Unfortunately the nest that began incubating in late December was predated when it had two small nestlings.  I’m guessing...

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Toa Kyle

New Year’s Day chicks

Jan 12, 2007

More good news, another 3 chicks have fledged for the season, this time all from the 7 islas area.  I flew in on New Year’s Eve to relieve some of our field team of duties.  One guy had a bad ear infection that required immediate medical attention and some others were simply burnt out from being in...

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Toa Kyle

First nest fledges

Dec 15, 2006

Looking over the past few things I’ve posted I’m wondering if I’m depressing readers; nests failing, adults hemorrhaging, etc.  It’s a nice change then to write about the first nest of the season to fledge young.  I flew out to the area to verify it myself.  Part of me was secretly hoping to...

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