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Desi Milpacher, Editor

Desi Milpacher, Editor

Recovery Has Begun

Nov 18, 2017

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Puerto Rican Amazon Relief effort, we have raised close to $30,000 (USD) and will be distributing it to the Rio Abajo team as soon as possible. An update: according to Tanya Martínez, a biologist who works at Rio Abajo, there were five Puerto Rican Amazon...

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Desi Milpacher, Editor

Severe storms a serious challenge for Puerto Rican Amazon

Oct 18, 2017

"Before and after images give a sense of the damage done to the forest by Hurricane Maria. The forest has no more canopy. It will take many years for Rio Abajo to recover."
~ Tanya Martínez, Conservation Biologist on site at Rio Abajo Aviary, Puerto Rico

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