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Eva Sargent

Eva Sargent is a new parrot owner and long-time conservationist. Eva directs the work of Defenders of Wildlife’s Southwest office in Tucson, Arizona.

Eva holds a BS in Zoology from Colorado State University and a PhD in Physiology from the University of Arizona. Before joining Defenders of Wildlife, Eva served as Director of Conservation and Science at the San Francisco Zoo, and as Chief of Staff of the Madagascar Fauna Group, where she oversaw the first reintroduction of lemurs to the wild. She has also served as Executive Director of the Zoo Conservation Outreach Group, and has co-authored three books and written numerous scientific and popular articles.

At Defenders, Eva oversees conservation programs for jaguars, Mexican wolves, cactus-ferruginous pygmy owls, thick billed parrots, and other southwest US / northern Mexico species and their habitats.