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Sarah Faegre

Sarah Faegre is a Field Biologist, specializing in the study of wild Blue-fronted Amazons.

Since 2004 she has worked in the Chaco forests of Northern Argentina, in collaboration with Argentinean Ph. D student Igor Berkunsky. In 2006-2007 Sarah conducted original research on the survivorship and seasonal movements of fledgling Blue-fronted Amazons using radio-telemetry. She is currently looking forward to a season working with Bolivia’s critically endangered Blue-throated Macaws and writing up the results of her telemetry study.
Sarah’s overall goal in her work with threatened and endangered parrots is to gather information about species’ habitat and productivity requirements, which can be used in the creation of guidelines that will keep their populations stable and healthy. Sarah hopes that in future years she can continue using radio-telemetry as a tool in parrot conservation.

Sarah’s North American home is in Oregon, where she splits her time between local conservation-based field work (most recently with the endangered Marbled Murrelet and with migrating raptors in the Goshute Mountains), fundraising and planning for her next field season in South America.

Sarah is honoured to be a part of the World Parrot Trust website and welcomes all questions and comments.