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Rowan Martin, PhD

WPT Africa Programme Director

Rowan first became involved with WPT while studying the breeding behaviour of Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots on the island of Bonaire. His doctoral research, based at the University of Sheffield UK, focused on the nature of monogamous partnerships and the implications of breeding behaviour for conservation. In 2009 he became a Post-doctoral Fellow of the Centre of Excellence for Birds as Key to Biodiversity Conservation at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology of the University of Cape Town. While in South Africa he developed a keen interest in African parrot conservation, becoming increasingly concerned for the plight of parrots throughout the continent.

Rowan took a lead role in co-ordinating a review of research and conservation of parrots in Africa for the International Ornithologist’s Union Working Group on Parrots. The findings of this review were recently published in Africa’s leading ornithological journal and provide a road-map for WPT’s Africa Conservation Programme. Rowan maintains links with the Percy FitzPatrick Institute as a Research Associate.