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Evet Loewen

Evet Loewen is an attorney of more than 30 years who worked the majority of her career in local government in San Jose, California. In the past 15 years she has developed an increasing respect for South American parrots, raptors such as Peregrine falcons and many other species of North American birds. Her love of birds led to an ongoing desire to learn about ecology, biology and the threats facing avians of all kinds. 

She has come to regard field biologists, researchers, and scientists who are attempting to save species from extinction as heroes, unrecognized though their work may be at times.

She now serves as legal advisor to the World Parrot Trust USA on a pro bono basis, taking great pride in being able to work with people of distinction in an area that has become more challenging and engrossing, the more she learns about the issues.

She regards her experiences with Orthopsittica manilata as part of an extended education in avian conservation and parrot welfare, which is why she has decided to recount it here.