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Charlotte Foxhall

WPT Administrative Coordinator

Charlotte Foxhall achieved an Honours degree in Environmental Science from Oxford Brookes University and is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in Conservation Ecology. Conservation has been a huge part of her life ever since she can remember. She was inspired by the local wildlife growing up in Cornwall, travel that shaped her passion for a range of different species and her family’s love for animals.

She has volunteered for many wildlife projects and causes to gain practical and ecological experience of species protection and habitat management. Her priorities are to continue to gain a deeper understanding of the ecological balance of conservation management to mitigate species loss. Charlotte is concerned by the ongoing plight of many species, most notably the Kakapo, Yellow-crested Cockatoo and Blue-throated Macaws and advocates the work taking place to protect and re-establish these populations. 

Charlotte has a background of working for charities to develop training and grant writing practices. She joined the World Parrot Trust in 2018 and her work includes grant writing, administration, fundraising, bequests and social media communications.