Working to end the wild bird trade
and return parrots to the wild

About FlyFree
FlyFree is a programme designed to rescue, rehabilitate and release the parrots caught in the wild-bird trade.

By supporting FlyFree, people like you have helped with the rescue of over 4,800 parrots from the trade. But the work is not done -- the parrots need your help.

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Save Africa's Parrots
Field Updates
Confiscated Blue-fronted Amazons to be Released in Brazil
CITES fails to act to save Grey parrots
Petition: Suspend the Trade in African Grey Parrots
54 White-eyed Parakeets Confiscated
African Grey Parrots Perish as Ownership Row Rages
132 African Parrots Confiscated in Uganda
300+ Amazon Chicks Rescued from Wildlife Traffickers (Brazil)
Confiscated Congo Parrots Seized - Again! (DRC)
International Support Rallied for 500 Confiscated Grey Parrots
Emergency Funds Sent To Aid Confiscated Congo Parrots (DRC)
Confiscated and Released: 27 Parrots in Maluku (Indonesia)
Scarlet Macaw Threatened with Extinction (Belize)
Bird Smuggling Bid Foiled at Airport (Bangladesh)
Customs Officers Seize 18 Rare Parrots (Brno)
Illegal Trade Threatens Grey Parrots (Cameroon)
Illegal Trade Threatens Wild Bird Species (Nepal)
Yellow-billed and Black-billed Parrots Threatened by Poaching
Confiscation of Alexandrine Parakeet Chicks in Ahmedabad
Wildlife Traffickers Discovered in Guatemala City (Guatemala)
Release continues for parrots confiscated at the Douala Airport
Parrot Charity Rushes to Send Emergency Aid for Largest Group of Confiscated Parrots
African Grey Parrots, the Illegal Trade Continues (Cameroon)
First 49 parrots confiscated at the Douala Airport released into a community forest
Parrots confiscated at the Douala Airport counted, selected and treated
Massive Confiscation of 300 African Grey Parrots (Cameroon)
80 Parrots released in Mayan Biosphere Reserve (Guatemala)
47 Parrots and Macaws Released into Pantanal (Brazil)
One Year Sentence for Indonesian Parrot Trader (Indonesia)
35 Grey Parrots Confiscated at Nairobi Airport (Kenya)
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