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Indonesian Trade Ban Campaign

Public rally for Profauna, WPT in-country partner

Project Status: Completed | 2008 - 2009


ProFauna Indonesia

Indonesia trade still strong

The trade in wild-caught parrots is robust in Indonesia; recently the World Parrot Trust has undertaken several initiatives in this region to help stem the losses from this practice. During a coalition-building trip to Asia in December of 2008, WPT Director Dr. Jamie Gilardi hosted a key meeting with parrot and trade experts from Bali, Jakarta and WPT's partner organization ProFauna, on the issue of parrots in trade in Indonesia.

One parrot seriously affected by trade is Mitchell’s Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus mitchellii). In 2010 WPT assisted with the release of a small number of these extremely rare birds on the island of Nusa Penida. This species is reduced to a handful of remaining birds due to the wild bird trade.  WPT will continue to work for these rare birds to protect their wild population.

Discussions highlighted the priority status of Papua New Guinea as the primary source of birds being traded throughout the rest of Indonesia. Therefore, the initial focus was on developing and funding ProFauna’s efforts to draw attention to that trade, stop importations and prosecute violators trapping and trading protected species. Among many positive milestones so far was a campaign demonstration to urge the government to stop parrot smuggling. We are also establishing (or supporting) facilities that are equipped to receive, rehabilitate, and release confiscated birds back into the wild.

In 2017, WPT and in-country partner Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre laid the groundwork for further changes and collaboration by hosting meetings involving local and regional governments, law enforcement and wildlife officers, while participating in a number of high-profile confiscations of cockatoos, lories and other parrots.


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