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Parrot Action Plan

Project Status: Completed | 1994 - 2001


International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), British Airways Assisting Conservation

WPT underwrites and co-publishes Action Plan with IUCN

The parrot family, psittacidae, is comprised of some of the most endangered birds on earth: one in three species are in danger of extinction in the wild.

Some years ago the World Parrot Trust, with the invaluable help of British Airways Assisting Conservation and IUCN, brought the world's leading parrot experts to London to create the framework for a new global Parrot Action Plan. Largely funded by the World Parrot Trust, The Parrot Action Plan reviews the threats to parrot survival and recommend solutions, as well as identifying those species most in need of help. A previous attempt to produce the document in 1992 was abandoned, due to disagreement among leading international parrot experts. It was a considerable and lengthy project, but finally in 2001 the four authors, Noel Snyder, Alejandro Grajal, Phil McGowan and Jamie Gilardi, completed the work and it was published jointly by IUCN and the World Parrot Trust.

The Parrot Action Plan is now the definitive document listing 98 threatened species, with recommendations for their conservation over a five year period.  It has been consulted by many organisations and individuals. Monty Python alumnus John Cleese was asked to help with a video to launch the Action Plan, and a great deal of publicity was achieved on TV and press media.

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