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Parrot Bloggers
Personal online journals of parrot
specialists from around the world.

Sam Williams, PhD

April 8

Parrot Blogger: Sam Williams, PhD | Apr 09, 2006

It’s quite clear from their activities that the parrots are not breeding yet. This is good news as it means there is more time to get things in order before it gets busy. The birds are hanging around in pairs and the different pairs are loosely associated with larger groups. Sometimes they are all...

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Sam Williams, PhD

April 1

Parrot Blogger: Sam Williams, PhD | Apr 02, 2006

The first few weeks in a new place tend to be filled up with sorting out things like transport and where to stay, but I’ve still got into the field and seen the much-missed birds. Amazons are just super cool parrots! They are so feisty and are such characters. Now I remember what joy I get from...

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Sam Williams, PhD

March 25

Parrot Blogger: Sam Williams, PhD | Mar 26, 2006

I first visited the Caribbean island of Bonaire in 2003 to work with the yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot (Amazona barbadensis) and get an idea of their situation. The visit was funded primarily by the World Parrot Trust (WPT), with contributions coming from the US and UK Amazona Societies and the...

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