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Parrot Bloggers
Personal online journals of parrot
specialists from around the world.

Sam Williams, PhD

Cops and roost watches

Parrot Blogger: Sam Williams, PhD | Feb 03, 2019

My roost count plan started to unravel because predictably, I was late. I tore myself away from the computer, hurled belongings at an overnight bag, made a coffee to go and ran to the car. The drive would take close to two hours. Only, the oil light was obnoxious and didn’t go out. No problem I...

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Rowan Martin, PhD

New video: The Parrot Guardians of Angola

Parrot Blogger: Rowan Martin, PhD | Jan 18, 2019

​Building capacity to rescue wild parrots seized from illegal trade is a vital part of strategies to bring this practice to an end. Another important element is to enlist the support of communities who are often first line of defence against trappers. As part of a major collaborative effort to...

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Rowan Martin, PhD

Focus on Angola: new efforts to tackle parrot trafficking in the Congo basin

Parrot Blogger: Rowan Martin, PhD | Dec 24, 2018

The Mayombe forest sits at the south-western margin of the Congo Basin's tropical rainforests. Stretching from coastal Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), through the Cabinda Province of Angola, along the western zone of the Republic of Congo and up to south-west Gabon, it supports a...

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Charlotte Foxhall

Kiwa Centre: A day in the life

Parrot Blogger: Charlotte Foxhall | Dec 06, 2018

It’s a cold dark morning in November 2018. The rolling hills and heathlands of the English countryside stretch out either side of me as I make my way down the track; it is hard to imagine that just over the next hill sits the Kiwa Centre, housing over 140 macaws.

Pulling up to the centre, I open...

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