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Parrot Bloggers
Personal online journals of parrot
specialists from around the world.

Jamie Gilardi, PhD

Their forests were decimated…

Parrot Blogger: Jamie Gilardi, PhD | Oct 04, 2017

“The aviary took massive damage during the storm, and the Rio Abajo forest can barely be called a forest anymore.”  
~ Tanya Martínez, Conservation Biologist on site at Rio Abajo Aviary, Puerto Rico

With sustained winds at 155mph, Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico on September 20, cutting...

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Rowan Martin, PhD

South Africa’s Cape parrots recognised as a separate species

Parrot Blogger: Rowan Martin, PhD | Jun 16, 2017

The taxonomy of one of South Africa’s most iconic birds, the ‘Green and Gold’ Cape Parrot, appears finally to be settled, with various national, regional, and international bodies reaching consensus that they should be considered a distinct species. 

'Cape parrots', which will be known as ...

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Rowan Martin, PhD

Endangered African parrots seized from illegal trade

Parrot Blogger: Rowan Martin, PhD | Feb 16, 2017

Last month two seizures of wild Timneh parrots in illegal trade were made in Liberia and taken to a purpose-built facility at Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary. The birds have responded well to emergency medical treatment and are already showing signs of recovery after their stressful ordeal, according to...

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Sam Williams, PhD

Macaws with your coffee - a perfect morning!

Parrot Blogger: Sam Williams, PhD | Jan 24, 2017

scarlet macaw

So there I was, feeling pretty good. I love early mornings, I’d had my first great night’s sleep in ages and I had a cup of local coffee steaming in my hands. It was 6am and the sun was just coming over the hill. The light was delicious. And as I stood there taking it all in a Scarlet Macaw flew...

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