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Conservation and Research

Toa Kyle

Killer bees

Parrot Blogger: Toa Kyle | Aug 21, 2006

Back from my first stint in the field getting things set up for the coming months.  We set up six nest boxes, mainly choosing forest islands where nests failed last year (due mostly to low quality nests in those areas).  Now the waiting game begins.  Will any of these boxes have Blue-throat chicks...

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Sam Williams, PhD

August 19

Parrot Blogger: Sam Williams, PhD | Aug 19, 2006

Arrgh there’s less than three weeks left before I return to the UK and there’s so much I still want to do with project things but I also hope to take some time off and relax. Maybe I’ll do that on the plane back! The Caribbean pace still eludes me after 5 months of trying to slow down.

There are...

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Sam Williams, PhD

August 12

Parrot Blogger: Sam Williams, PhD | Aug 12, 2006

Another week has past and we didn’t catch a single parrot. That’s despite putting in a lot of time and even trying some imaginative ideas. What’s worse is that following the rain the local bug populations have gone through the roof making siting still for long periods even more uncomfortable. It’s...

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Toa Kyle

Start of the new field season

Parrot Blogger: Toa Kyle | Aug 12, 2006

Trinidad, Beni, Bolivia

Welcome to a running diary I’ll be keeping this field season for the World Parrot Trust Blue-throated Macaw nesting study.  This species has the unenviable distinction of being the most endangered macaw in the wild.  If you want to get some background on Blue-throats you...

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